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Just a few of me hard, thinking of you ladies who might just take a peek at me. Please leave your comments I read them and will respond if you like. - Thanks
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My New Stockings. - This is our first contribution to vw. We have been on a shopping spree and have lots of pics to share. Thanks
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This set doesn't require much of a story. 2Sweet is truly captive - her restraints are tied in a way that she can't get loose on her own. Enjoy.
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Here are a couple shots from our "after" New Years eve party. My wife of 12 years and mother of 3 has a better body now then the day we married. I hope you like it as much as I do.
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Lttlfry23 Dirty Dirty Girl remember i'm on aol so please send photos and make sure you are "enjoying" my pics. I have lots to trade especially with couples. Thanks for all the comments from 4/16.
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Our Asian girlfriend Ayako doing a little striptease in the kitchen. She found a present we left for her too, but we'll leave those pics for our next contri to Redclouds
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Hi, more pics for those who requested and knew me and those of you seeing for the first time. Anyone know me from Guernsey UK or seen any of my videos get in touch in total discretion. Val xx
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J'habite a Saint-Gilles , un quartier de Bruxelles en Belgique . Je suis psy : je me d voile mais videmment pas mon visage.
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adult naturist couple tubesAvixenna On The Strand - Hi, I couldn't wait to get back outdoors. It seems a playa session is also a must for VW, so here it is. Too easy, just a jump and I'm there, any day, any time. Mmmmmm Avi
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adult naturist couple tubesHi Kate&Crew, love your site! Time to make a contri, so here's an ex from about six years ago, she was 18yo at the time. Call it Ex Rosi.
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The bodystocking again with less teasing and illusion. This sequel is more risqu and suggestive. Is it an improvement over 'Basic Black 1' of 3/11?
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We got so much positive feedback from our first post that we thought we'd give you a little more of the same.Thank you everyone for all the great comments.Any requests?Please vote