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We are messing with the settings on the camera, and really liked the way these turned out, and wanted to share them.. Laneys ass luvers will enjoy this set..
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You ask for pussy shots and my ass well got some . please enjoy them as much as i do knowing u are all looking at my pussy ass and titties
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Wife'S Self Taken Shots - My wife has been asking me to take her some photos but don't have time yet ... though i was surprise she took some shots of herself in front of the mirror.
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Well..it's been almost a year and my Husband convinced me to put up some new photos. Hopefully I will get a positive response and some votes which will allow me to post some more.
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First off, tyty for all the nice comments so far...I just hope I can make every wish come true!! I'll sure as shit try!! Here's some more pics for ya...have fun!!
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Shy But Naughty - Melanie is quite shy, but if she gets hot no one can stop her. This post/your comment might help to get more confidence. Maybe next time she will show her face also on the pictures.
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M* Married Male In New York - I am a married guy in New York and have been viewing this site for years. Now it's my turn to post. Hope you all like what you see.
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This is my girl with all the right curves. Various photos from different sessions with plenty more to come, so enjoy. Send some comments and I will keep her cumming for you....
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I love this little orange dress and thought I would shoot some sexy photo's in it. I love all the comments that you guys leave. I also read that you wanted more ass pics, so you got your wish.
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When certain parts of the body are not fully exposed,they may look more exciting.I hope those of you,who share this view, will enjoy my post.
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Part 1 of a 2 part viewers request. Lot's of requests for some ass shots so here goes. Part 2 will be requests for more of my fluffy muffy! Thanks! Talon
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In touch with nature, my soul relaxes in a way that makes me feel free and liberated. Nature and time are perfect and so I'm I. Please enjoy what we enjoy most...