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Here are some more pictures of my Beautiful and Sexy wife....It's safe to say that when she is on trips, I have her pictures to help me unload! Enjoy!!
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This is my British wife, who now lives in the US. She just had a birthday not long ago. She is very bisexual, and loves comments from both females and males. And yes she is 55.
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The rest & last of my pictures,now I can retire I have nothing left to show, thanks I loved all the great comments Im so luck-Lisa O
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I posted her boobs at Tit Flash and she was exited about the comments so she wanna post more pics. More comments more pics, don't forget to vote. Thanks!
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Hey I really enjoyed the comments and some of them made me wet. I hope this post will make you men hard and some of you women wet as I am sure I'll get.
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We were on holiday and G decided to strip off and walk around the car park, then drive park to the apartment block naked. See the avi clip as well. Salty.
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She loves to be flattered, but is really pretty shy. I have more if comments are favorable. What do you think guys? Email me. Title this My Naked Wife.
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Thanks to all who commented on the last posting. My wife was so horny after reading what the guys (and girls) wanted to do to her I couldn't keep up (had to phone a friend;-).
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argentina playa girlThese are a few we took in Morocco when on vacation. The road behind me looks further away than it actually is but we enjoyed taking these pics and thought we share them with you.
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argentina playa girlFunny Story...we did not intend to shoot or post these photos! However, Friday night we were having drinks at a favorite spot. We got talking with two guy's and a woman at the next high top table!
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Hello RC gang! I enjoy watching some nice and naughty pics and I decided to join the party. It took me awhile but I finally finished putting up a site. Enjoy.
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Various Photos Of My Lover Part 3 Good Slut seems to have positive reviews so here you go with some more. Keep the comments coming and your hands in your pants. There will be more later.