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look what I have been doing to pass the time while waiting for the site to come back. Now I can read your comments...I have been missing them!
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I shot Claudia and Tyler in the huge jacuzzi bathtub in a suite at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City. It was fun hanging out with these two beauties at the casino.
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The late summer sun encouraged mrs Pete to reveal herself once again. I think the champagne helped as well ! We did shoot a lot of photos, but I think they belong on Redclouds - should we post there?
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From this morning as I left for work...enjoy the pics and tell me if what you did while viewing them ;-) Hope to hear from some of the girls out there. Kisses, LAS
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Ok boys and girls, This is my naughty fun partner! 1. Bar 2. & 3. River bridge 4. inter bridge 5. traveling show 6. and Wally world
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I hope you appreciate how Ami does enjoy the sex, nothing is scripted as many are on this site, just good sex and she has a blast.
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Caught the wife getting out of the shower and thought you might enjoy the view. She's 45 and still a little shy about getting her pictures put on VW.
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I told my hubby that I could get a rise out of the crowd this morning. He said you all don't really care for little bitty boobs :(
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Thanks for the nice comments. She felt better about showing more. Here are just some random pictures. She loves to pose and tease.
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Red for Rose. Because I'm allured. Thank you sweetie. I don't forget all the other contributors that I meet on Bulletin Board. Just a play for girls.
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As I thought that she had a fantastic body for her age I thought that I would try to mp4 her, this was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.
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Thanks for all the great comments from the last pics. These are some Christmas pics if you all like them mabey I can talk hubby into taking some more.