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She was feeling frisky after a night of dancing. I Know the lighting isn't the best but remember this is an AMATEUR site!!!! Enjoy
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Found these old pics of an ex. We where in college and about 20 years old. She was great in bed. Wonder what she is doing now. I hope her ass still looks the same.
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Meine Freudin Susanne. Sie is mein Superstar und zu sehen fur euch in GGG (Hauptsache du spritzt) My Girl Susanne, she act also at GGG Movie.
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these are a few i took back when we first started dating. i really didn't care for her boobs at 1st but they grew on me after time. now i can't keep my my hands, ect off them.
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It was a sunny day and she decided to put a strip show - to me and the onlookers out the window as well.. boy did she put up a show!
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My Sexy 52 yo Girlfriend A day at the strand. mostly pics of my girl. she wanted one of her man so I agreed to post my first pic. hope you enjo
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Another hot sunday afternoon with A. I decided to try and out fuck her all day long. Tell us who you think won. A is as always the hottest 47 year old woman that I have ever known. R
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beach babe nude this short summer we had little oppotunities to make it to the naturist playa in Dorset. This is one of the few occasions we did.
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She's the most beautiful woman in my life I ever met... She will still remain for years... Her beautiness makes your day (sun)shining.... I hope you do enjoy her most private pictures
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sand babe nudeWe have been enjoying VW & RC and thought it would be fun to submit our own photos. Here are a few shots of my SEXY husband from our first photo shoot.
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plage babe nudeMature Wife Sunning - During the warmer months, we live a clothes-free existence. Perhaps some at least will enjoy seeing an older naked woman.
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These photos were taken at the same time as the 'Just jeans' contri on Freestyle with the intention of uploading them around the same time. Never mind, better late than never.