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Various Trips - Here are some shots from various trips. Snuggler1 is getting more and more daring as time goes on. May send more with good response.
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M* The Body - This is the pic's of my boyfriend form Italy, we wanna shoew you how hot looks his body....if u like we will send more....more hot
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Hi here are a few of my wife sandy she is 25 and a sexy little thing just name this contri Sandy1 thanks. Please post responces to the bbs.
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After a night of dirinking, I snapped a few digital pictures of my wife. Mostly up her skirt. I then removed her panties at took some more. Enjoy.
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beach babes First contribution showing my hot wife's ass in a few different dresses before she went out on the town. She is interested in your comments.
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We took a little walk in the woods last winter. These pics remind us that this season does have its bright sides! We hope this set makes also you feel a bit warmer ; )
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Well here it is...my face....thanks Bubba....you convinced me enough to do it....what do y'all think? Does anyone recognize me? Comment good and email me [email protected]
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Die Bilder haben wir in einer alten Ruine in der nähe von Heyers gemacht, Susi macht erst einmal einen super Stripp und danach auch noch mehr.
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Just a girl i have known for a while, we have talked sexually but she was never willing to make the move. I accused her of being a tease and scared so she started sending pics. Enjoy.
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sand babesMe and my wife we went to Cantina di Lentate. It is a club between Milan and Como, (where George Clooney lives). In this club everything could happen...... Sorry, my english is awful......
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Still just playing around and trying some new settings on my camera...Hope you all enjoy and please bring on the comments - good or bad!!! :)
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Patti went to a desert location in Arizona. She loves to be naked outside and here are some photos of the mature Patti in a public park.