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Hi guys! Home alone I made some pics for you. Do you like black stockings? What should I wear for you to make you hard? See ya.
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We love to post if comments are good. Last week we where at some friends house, for weekend visit. We became so horny, and we wanted to have sex right there. And so we did, and we took some shots
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Just two incredibly beautiful, curvaceous women sharing an old bench in the late afternoon. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!! ~Lucky Guy
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Rosa Gets Carried Away rosa was doing laundry, i brought the camera. it always seems to get her to let go. hope you enjoy as much as i do. -tempincinci
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This girl was lying asleep and I circled around to get to a more hidden photography place when she sat up a bit for a look around.
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beach bitch Hi, It was really hot evening. Started with beer. Then camera in my hand, then camera in her hand... Wow !!! Below only small sample - just to make you hungry :)
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beach bitch Pictures for private shot This is my friends CINDY...i like see Cindy..a dream.. Conratulations for your BEST site Kate !!!!
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Our Asian girlfriend Ayako doing a little striptease in the kitchen. She found a present we left for her too, but we'll leave those pics for our next contri to Redclouds
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Just "toying around" with a little light bondage and anal toys. We will work on getting the angles right for some DP shots in the future. Positive comments are greatly appreciated. :)
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We had some quiet alone time so decided to tie T up then pleasure her through several hot orgasms before finally giving her a hard fucking..;-)
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Just a few pictures in black stockings. Sometimes we just start with taking pictures. Most of them are blurry due to the excitement, but some we keep. ;-)
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Here is some more of the same photoset of AsianLeggy. We hope you enjoy. She really gets off on the HOT comments, so keep 'em coming. More photosets to come....suggestions welcome!