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just a few of her pics, hope you enjoy, there's more if the response is positive. If you know her, you can say from where, school, work, or just out and about, ( you can be specific).
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Just some photos we took outside last summer, no real theme. She is soooo hot, just had to share. She is 31&bi. We will meet other couples w/bi females in the 270 & 812 area code. Leave a msg on the BB
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beach bunny fuck Jane and I were at CJ's messing around with some friends. We found these firemen outfits and put them on. Then we worked on putting out our fire's for each other. This is part one of the series.
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Sierra - First Time My friend Sierra has always dreamed of being a model. This is her first exposure anywhere. She really enjoyed the experience!. Good comments will surly bring more
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plage bunny fuckHere's ten from the second set we did that day. This gold bikini was purchased for my golden birthday celebration on May 31.
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hi this is my 31 yo wife janie she is very sexy and we would love to hear from girls couples she is bi curious hope you post these we have lots more pics but this is our first posting enjoy
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My beautiful wife sent this to me when I was on a trip and allowed me to share it. She's nervous, so please be kind and there may be more to come.