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Here are some photos of an ex-girlfriend, lounging on a Sunday Morning. There is a bit of blacking out to protect her identity. Comments are welcome and enjoy!!
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...60+ and 36D...I call her "Nibbles" (she gives me the mean look when said in public :-)), as they remain my favorite appetizer before getting on to more serious stuff...thx for lookin'.
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This is our first contribution! I'm excited because I've been a fan of VW for years and am finally joining the comunity! We'll be submitting better ones tomorrow!
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You should really complement this set of pics with the movie (available soon @ HomeClips)... I'm going to tell you a secret... he cleaned up the mess by himself and you can imagine how...
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beach hard on Breann is a southern girl!!!! We raise them sexy and hot down south. And to top it off she's not far from being 39 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do enjoy the pics we sent....
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many-many thanx for great comments, I'm definitely getting more confidence in myself these days... so you're gonna get a bit more from what you want...
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I had a couple request for my ass. So here it is for the ones that like a girl with curves. Please all others move on and no rude comments,it just shows your ignorance.
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beach hard on Hello All, I Hope you had a Happy Holidays.I got all I ever wanted for X-mas,Take a peek and Happy New Year to all.... xoxo Tabbylee
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Alexxx Window Fun!!! - After short break I,m here again! This time I decided to show my face for a first time :) Many of You have asked for it. So I hope You are not disappointed. Have fun. Alexxx
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Here are some pictures of big pussy my wife No you are not required to make nasty comments about her, I love its forms and of other loves too! if n is not your taste ad spend other contri
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Mega Pearl And Transparency... - Thanks for your advice on the last contri.... Unfortunately she seems to be convinced that she has to improve her chest... Thanks for voting
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Lynn, Boobs And Ass - I've submitted some naked photos for your viewing pleasure. Let me know how much you like them and I'll send more.