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Here is my first contribution. I know this is one of my favorite activities I'm sure I'm not the only one. Nothing like seeing your lady cum up close. please post as (up close-O-)
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Well as the theme goes, it was finally starting to get warm outside, so I used the excuse to get naked! I hope you like the pics, Saucy xxx
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More pics of my beautiful slut wife at play and looking sexy. If you're in AC 757 or close email us. She's very accommodating and loves to please men.
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A continuation of last months contri of this sexy woman, her summer tan and her ravenous sexual appertite! Loved the comments...and yes, she is a tremendous fuck!
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I just love to give blowjobs. Do you like watching me give them? I think that it is very amazing how I can so easily give you glimpse of my everyday sex life. Here it is, summergirl in the act. Kisses
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beach milfs babe dosage The funniest thing to me is that some of you seem to think we only take pics for your enjoyment. Far from it, we take pics for ourselves and you just happen to be lucky enough to see what we like to do.
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Thanks for the wonderful coments on my last contribution. Here is my 2nd try. For those who didnt see the first... I am a wife ,mother , grandmother, on the wrong side of 50
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I know there is nothing super fantastic about these shots but I am completely naked this time. There will be a part 2 coming soon and the ones I'll send to Redclouds show quite a bit more.
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We're still trying to find balance of sexy vs. slutty. She wants to be pretty/sexy, I want her to be slutty. The toy here is us trying for a middle ground.
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She's been absent from VW lately and we thought it's about time to submit again... Please leave her a message if you like these. Hope you all enjoy!
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The last sunny weekend in our winter garden. My husband suggested to take some pictures. It?s the first time for us to post at VW, maybe not the last :-)
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no real story just Red putting on a show. lets hear comments cause this is her first time submitting and good comments get more pics