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Lets Trade - we had such good response and we had some good friends and traded some wonderfull email..we want to do it again. send us your comments and lets trade some pics
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Just expose at my bedroom window while hubby took photos from outside. Hubby did say he got a few strange looks from a few people as they walked by. Said they sneaked glances at me too!!
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This is our first contri this year - bought a new hat for the summer holiday and just had to test it out. We also managed to break the champagne glass later on when we were too busy to take photos...!
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If you leave your email we might just send some bonus/preview pics of the next set if you simply cannot wait to see what happens next. Couples very welcome...
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Beautiful day to go and smell the roses at a local park. Didn't wear any panties so hubby wanted to capture some pics. i hope you like them. Kisses LAS
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Here are some PICS of wife. She is getting more daring. Thankyou all for the wonderful comments, it rally makes her feel good. And for all the negative comments, get a life.
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Ciao, eccomi nuovamente, i vostri commenti sono stati incoraggianti e quindi ecco qualche altra foto per tutti coloro che hanno apprezzato il mio primo contri. Ciao a tutti
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beach nude model The pictures are designed only for women. Who doesn't like them look away! Or making better. Would you like to see me quite nakedly? then exchange pictures with me. I am not Gay. With love Tom.
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sand naked modelPilou Party Clothes ... - Pilou'underwear ... she doesn't like gstrings ... so we came to a compromise when we are going out at night ... Love Teddy
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Nette-Milf Or Bbw - Nette wants to know where she belongs. Is she a milf or is she a bbw? Tell her what she is and what you would like to do to her, but be nice.
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Took my wife to a local cafe. She was very nervous about being recognised by neighbours, but we managed a couple of shots on a quiet afternoon
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playa naked modelAll my fans wanted more someone told me no but i decided it was a good idea so here you all go hope you injoy xoxox to all my fans