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Trying to get the wife to post her pics - if you don't like uncut don't look. Leave email if you want to trade pics and vids.
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Ciao, sono Gattinadolce, questo e il mio primo contributo che mio marito ha voluto condividere con voi! Fatemi sapere cosa pensate, mi raccomando! Baci!
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Was laying around one day really horny waiting for Tony to come home and fuck me, so I decided to strip and take some pics. Hope you all enjoy xoxo Traci
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Sorry I have been away but I'll try to do better. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and this adds to your Christmas spirits!
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Una nueva serie de fotos de mi maravillosa y caliente novia. Espero que os gusten. Los comentarios seran bien recibidos. Saludos a todos.
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Just a few pics i took 1 night when i was feeling a bit horny. Any fems who want to share please leave comments. Hope you all enjoy, or alt least tolerate.
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Your comments are nice and tempting! Specially from the girls... But, I havn't been into guys yet and some of those comments make hard. So I wonder how it is...
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First time contribution for my shy wife. She is willing to share but wants to remain anonymous. Nice comments may bring more...
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Thanks a lot for your good comments! Here are some more pics of Lena and Juliette - the girls you saw in Bavarian girls I & II, Triangle and Halfmoon ...
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Needing a break from the lights and noise of downtown Las Vegas we went to Red rock to check out nature, ended up getting back to nature.
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Glad you all liked my last "Warning old tits" ,and most wanted to see the rest of my 54 yr.old Body.Hope ya like Abby Leave email for private pic. NIP please
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Meet my terrific 53 y.o. wife. Took a long time to get her consent. She is a first timer anywhere. Maybe she'll share some more.