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Thanks guys for the nice comments, to answer a few, central pa here, we are not interested in trading pics, and yes i seem to be getting more dareing , never know what may show up here sometime
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well here it is my first venture into cybervoyerism please go easy and feel free to post my email and i welcome any comments and they all will be responded to
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Had a little time alone, so I decided to take care of a backup. I enjoyed this so much that my first shot missed the mirror and hit the wall behind it. It went about three and half feet.
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I had such nice complements on my first that I decided to do a second. There were a lot of comments wanting the next pics. So I choose some from the past. Hope you enjoy! Dasha
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There are in this forest some paths where, in some sunny days, expecially in the afternoon, you could meet something of very interesting...
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This is my new gf, she has started allowing me to take pics which i really enjoy doing. This is her first set, if we get good comments we will post again. Please be kind in your comments.
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A few pics of my hot 34 year old wife, first time on here, hot comments will be appreciated with more contributions to come.... photos by husband.
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More pics of my girlfriend... she still won't let her face show, but said that if she made the Top 50, she would think about it, so VOTE!
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Some of the finest women I have ever seen converge on the beaches of Thailand, managed to photograph a few of them. Unfortunately no girls on inflatable rafts.
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Love to trade photos of other wives and girls in sheer, see thru BRAS. will trade 35mm prints by mail even if you like. bob&linda
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beautiful sand girlPor que les calientan tanto las medias de red? Solo hace falta unas de estas aunque sea debajo de una pollera para ponerlos duros ;-)
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This is my favorite color Bikini.....Thanks for all the great comments... & for the bad ones... Your opion doesn't matter... If U don't like,don't KEEP LOOKING!!!!