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Some pictures taken of me whilst on holiday in the Canary Islands. They were taken half way up a volcano in the middle of a lava field. I hope you like them!! Bacardi xx
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Thank you to everyone who commented on our September contris..we appreciate the positive feedback...and as always we look forward to taking the next set of pics for you!
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Her big 19 yo natural breasts. Taking during holidays in Spain on the balcony while being watching by workers at an other building
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The best part of shopping is the fashion show afterwards! And since Paolo just happened to have a camera handy, you all get to join in on the fun! More will be revealed in Part 2... :)
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These are some pictures that were taken of me and the "Pool Boy". He was a HOT!!!! stud who lived up the street and the best fuck I have ever had!!!
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Slutty Catz Hardcore - I'm doing all the naughty stuff in this series... anal, cumgames, deepthroating, gagging aso... Check out my site and message boards for more :) But watch out...I'm addictive ;)
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big boobs on the beach Thanks again for the wonderful comments on my last contri. Several have asked to see it all, so here I am. I hope you all enjoy them.
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These were taken at my friend's apartment. As my friend watched me strip, my lover took the photos. They both liked the sexy shorts I wore. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Love,
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One Of My Beautiful Girls!!! Lilly Part 2 - Thanks for all the comments, here's part 2 of Lilly having fun another time at my place.
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It's been nine long years and two kids since we last contributed to VW and I am happy to say that she has her groove back. We hope you enjoy because we are realy enjoying the good life again.
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Petite Exib Sailing Hello, We are on sailing with friends and that the fun we get, Maybe if you're kind I send on RC next, what hapen after!!!! Sorry for english but I' m french
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We went to work to beautiful place. After this go to lake to refresh my body and share some pics I hope to enjoy it. Thanks a lot for your comments