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It was my wife's turn to take the photo's. After the last one, she wanted to put me in her mouth while hung upside down. Now I just need to figure out how to get a few pictures of that.
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After her softball game, someone felt like being a little naughty... She was ready for the hard bat and the balls after her sexy photo shoot.
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These are some of the pictures D has taken of J this past year- we were busy with work but found time *somehow*.... Hope everyone enjoys- it was our pleasure, believe me....
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This is my first post. Looking to trade pictures, share fantasies, or even meet up. Leave me a comment or email me at sonicgaze@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks.
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*Jo Aprils Bj - I just wanted to show some of the pics that I have taken while having a little fun giving a BJ. I hope that you enjoy, and give me some feedback on my site. Love, April
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Yes, I know. NAP again. But anyway, when Cassandra's photos were posted here by her husband?, it went over well, so I figured I'd post some that I had. These are from 2010 and 2011.
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Hi Sailor. This will be the last of this girl. (I know I'm going to get a lot of complaints about that). But there's new girls coming. I promise! lol
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bizarre nudism sex Sorry to be gone for so long, but she's finally back. Here's a short contri to be followed by a few more new ones soon. Enjoy.
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My Wife Julie - I like my wife's body so much that I can't stop taking some photos. And I like to share them. I love when she shows her boobs and her pussy to other men. So, enjoy !
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My wife is the hottest woman I know. She loves to show her sweet body. Everyone who wants more pictures should email me and I will provide some special shots! Let me hear from you now.
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Hey guys... here are a few pics we took playing around with my favorite Mask in MistaaBigg's collection. I always have fun with WOOD... : )
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bizarre nudism sexA very pretty girl indeed !!!! But why cover 33% of your body with a painting? Anyway, Used the Canon 50D @ Nudes a Poppin, July 2009.