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Hope you enjoy looking @ these as much as we enjoyed taking them. Many more to follow. We live just outside London and have a fantastic sexlife. Enjoy.
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Again wife loved all your comments, and wants to keep sharing more so here are a few that were requested. leave a comment, and an email and we will get back to you.
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One of our biking trips and the wife decided to treat me to some pictures. A man walked past with his dog and enjoyed the full naked frontal of my wife.
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was run in red clouds, so thought would run in vw to give non members a look as well, let know what u think and if you want part 2
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Hubby and I are looking for our first MFM. I get to pick the guy. I am very excited and looking for clean fit under 40 straight guy to join us. Molly
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wife recently had the pleasure of experiencing her first black cock....here are some of the pics from that contri. please if this is not your thing, just dont look. no rude comments.
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