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This beautiful gal is wonderful inside and out. What a treat- and she loves to be photographed. This is her first time contributing. What do you all think of her......????
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This is my third post. My lovely husband wanted to play with sunlights, closeups and sexy cloth. This is to please him and all viewers sending nice comments.
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After a very busy week unusually we hadn't seen a lot of each other so after a quick scan through the last lot of comments and uploading some more pictures things just came to a head!
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The theme said shows us where you managed to cum on her. I thought it my duty to give some examples. There is no story to follow along with, just shots that "came" from here and there.
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Very hot jamaican girl. I met her in discothek, then we spent 4 days together, we changed 3 resort. 1 day in Hedonism 3. It was awesome. Jacuzzi under the moon! Very hot girl.
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What can i say let pics speak for themselves, She is so Hot! We love to here some good comments, but we can handle the bad ones to.Thanks
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college fuck fest beach Hi Kate, This is my wife in the sun in the back garden. She know i takethe pic's but don't know i send it to you. If the comment are good i thinki can tolk here in for more. Greatings.
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You can tell I love my buns. I usually like to exercise first and get my blood moving in my body. I then proceed to masturbate. I will send you more pics soon. http://erotic.redclouds.com/janet/
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Random - Just a selection of pics, not posted for nearly 2 years so we're just seeing how well we are received and maybe we'll keep posting?
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college fuck fest beachdear RC members, here are some pic of 45 yr old wife and still looking fine. first time so need good comments for more pics. please don't post email.