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My lady insisted - so here I am throwing myself upon the jagged edges of public comment. Ladies, I hope you find some interest in an aging swordsman.
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I really enjoy taking pictures of my BF. He's very photogenic. Somehow he snuck the one in there of me. Oh well. Some of these pics were on vacation and some in a local bar.
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Hi all, i wanted to post some pics i hope youll all enjoy, im a huge exhibitionist and love to masterbate for the camera. Love the comments xoxox
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Hello Y'all, She really has enjoyed the comments, so here are more pics for you to enjoy. Did I ever mention this is my best friend wife?
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More photos from the 80's, 90's, and today. More are available if you like these. Thanks for the wonderful comments on the 1st contri.
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Siete fantastici, i vostri commenti sono molto stuzzicanti e mi invogliano a continuare a mostrarmi. aspetto con gioia ed eccitazione i vostri apprezamenti.
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This was a night in the islands after we were out partying... she wore this top with a very short skirt and no panties. she' luvs sucking cock as you can tell... she's really enjoying the comments...
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Here's some pictures with my wife's friend. We're looking for a female so husband can have his fun with two. We live in northern MA - respond with e-mail in comment section.
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I posted these once with the face blurred and some liked but didnt get enough votes to get into the global list. Hope we make it this time.
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college amateurs short skirts on the beachjust a spur of the moment blowjob. sorry about the tv in the background, wasnt really planning this out. next contributions will be more planned.
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Wouldn't it be fun to have good times with us...lol. We enjoy the thoughts of sex with others. Could you give her some sweet naughty thoughts. And keep the rude ones to your self.
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Once there the converstion continued and the room loosend up as the play began. Both of the guys were great and look forward to another meet soon.