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Picture taken whilst on a dirty weekend in the lake district. Very hot woman! She will only know about the posting if the comments are good, I intended to use them as leverage to get more!
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This is Paula, an old girlfriend. She is now gone, but not forgotten. These are the only pictures I have of her. Hope you enjoy her!
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Diese Bilder zeigen meine Frau Carmen (49 Jahre).Sie sieht sehr gut aus furihr alter, oder nicht ??? These pictures show my wife Carmen (49 years). She sees very wellfor their age, or not???
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We are trying this out to see the reponse. She is a bit shy about the whole thing so let us know if they meet your approval!! Oh ya....she is VERY Bi and needs some company!
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Had some great comments to our last posting decided to post some more pic we did in the foothills. Would like to hear more comments.Thanks
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pics of a super sexy lady that has been turning me on for the past few months...this is her first contribution and she is looking forward to hot comments and posting more in future!
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Sorry we have taken a while to put in our 2nd contribution. Hopefully my model (wife) will get some lovely comments and the 3rd contribution won't be as long cumming.
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Hi We meet this girl at the mall. We had a few drinks and talked her into showing us her Awsome boobs and body. We went out to the mall parking lot and took the pics. I hope you enjoy!!!
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Bronceando - Here's my lovely wife "catching some rays" Caughr her by surprise and after a little complaining she let me take some pics. Hope U like them.
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Some random pic's of Kiera's sexy feet. A little shy to show her face, but lot's of sexy feet pic's to trade.........
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These are several photos from a new series. See my sweet Julia shows off in some old abondoned house with nobody around... Julia likes to pose naked outdoors and it was a real fun. Enjoy ;)
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hi guys, greetings again, we thougt we might share these photo's also, they where taken after my lovely girl got out of the tub hope you like em as much as we do! greetings