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I wanted to show her again, I saw her and her new girlfriend yesterday, they both submitted to me and we had great sex. I don't want her and her drama back but the sex is amazing
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Well we are younger swingers (30's) and we were at a pary and this is the result. This just happen to be a MMF event for her. Enjoy and vote :)
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Here I am having some fun in and out of the house in a leather outfit gift from a fun viewer. You know who you are thanks! Hope everyone else is having lots of orgasmic fun too! xoxox PJ
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Ok, as I promised snow pics. It was fun but also very quick. My nips are always hard but becuase I had to get the nips with a little snow on them I think I lost feeling in them for awhile.
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Jewel is very naughty and wants a girl to make her cum. She's only 22 and has real breasts...Do you like her first picture set? Let her know what you think and what you want to see in the future!
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Hi Kate and crew your site is the very best on the net and this is my first contry for you. Please don't publish my email address.
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We were having fun at a hotel the other day, when jill announced that she was going to make herself CUM, and then asked me if i wanted to watch ...... duh, what do you think !!!!
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Hope all do enjoy..She has turned out just right...She is in early 20's....Lot of fun too....and shy..please blur face if need be,,Thankyou
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My little toy wanted to go outside for a play. I was fiddling with google maps and found a great spot for some nice outdoor playing. Hope you enjoy.. Great comments will make her wanna do more.. :)
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erotic naturist stars gallery photothis is our first time outside this year!cant wait to do it more.hey ya'll,i think these pics of my lady are hot!!! id give her my vote,how bout you?
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it was our 2nd wedding anniverary n RK gave me a huge surprise by booking a room for us in a swanky resort; i had to reward him...... there is some coming up in rc and homeclips