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After a few posts on Redclouds, we decided to share with VW :) This is our first post in this area. Enjoy and check out RC for the more explicit shots! Please send some comments!!
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We spent a few days away from home at a hotel with a great view. We picked a warm sunny afternoon to take some pics, trying to capture the remaining sun light coming through the window.
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Sunny winter afternoon, light coming through the windows...and around 500 shots taken..yes, 500 ! Those hot romanian girls...i just cannot stop shooting
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Playing around with my new pistol after shooting it made me hot. Just had to act out a little bit after my range session. Hope you enjoy!!! XOXOXO
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Reading the responses from my first batch showing off my trophy wife, I have now enclosed some more personal shots, but will still have to work up the nerve to show the beautiful face.
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family nude on beach pics This is our first time on redclouds after a mean finger job has been done to the the sweet loving k-bunny! Hope you like them,there is more dripping to cum!
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Your contest asked for the moment of orgasm, so I thought you might like these moments as much as I do watching while I take the pictures! Photography can be rewarding!
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Most of the other people didn't know where to look though, they were too embarrassed! But I did see a few men take quite a few sneaky-peeks at my wife, and I didn't mind at all.
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A sweet gut on here said he thought I looked Like I had a nice ass and asked for a pic. This is a couple years old but here you are.
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family naked on sand picsOpening this website has been the best idea I have had in years! Never dreamed that beauties like Eve would be so eager to pose for me. Ya gotta luv it! The whole series is up for members to check out.
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family naked on strand picsWe were in vacation at Punta Cana... some pictures from there... leave your coments and contacts, please. :) Maybe aren't great shot's, but this was my first voyeur photo experience...
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Our evening of fun and flirtation led us into the gardens of the resort and Miss Sky turn it on a produced some stunning pics. Hope you enjoy!!