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We just got back from vacation. Spent a day at Gunnison Playa (great playa, just like Moonstone used to be), a day at the Shawangunks, and a few days in the Adirondacks. I Love NY.
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Just got a camera for Christmas and have been taking pics since. She seemed to like the idea of me showing these to strangers but she has no clue they're on here
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Depending on the response , there may be more to follow . The better the response the more explicit the pics will become.....had soooo much fun taking them !!!
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hi there, it's our first time sending pics for a contri here in redclouds. hope you enjoy it! my wife and me love to show pics in the style of redclouds. interested in your comments and voting,
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family nudism gallery This is my beautiful wife, shy is happy for a lot comments. Thissecond series. tank you. . Grazie per tutti i vostri commenti eccovi una seconda serie. Buon divertimento...............CIAO
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family nudism gallery Hi this is me Natalie a german naturist girl. loves to show my body please show my pics at voyeurfotosection, called Natalie at the lake. pics were taken by a stranger, coming around. wishes
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My boyfriend just loves to observe my pussy. After I aroused him, he wanted me to pleasure his penis. As you might know, giving a great BJ does it for me. Enjoy! :)
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here are a few more of the wife, started not to contribute anymore due to bashers, if you like her please leave a comment, if not just move on
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What can I say about wearing a pair of thigh high leather boots to bed? It means only ONE thing, and a lot of it!! I'll let your imagination do the rest. Enjoy!
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family nudism galleryThis is from our stay in the hotel, our first night in Europe. we havent posted in a while. she would love to get some ideas for some new posts.
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Hey with three kids at home sometimes the only quiet time we have to ourselves is doing 70 on the interstate. Trix gets pretty aroused from the passing cars and trucks.
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family nudism galleryJust take a look at this! So young and beautiful and absolutely not afraid of wondering alone in this dark forest. Especially with so little clothing on, this beauty sure has plenty to be afraid of..