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I love going to the beaches just to see who is around. This girls man was close by but pre-occupied with a dog. He needs to get his priorities in order.
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Because of the fabulous feed back from my shy wifes first post, she has actually let me take more pictures to post! Thanks in advance for the comments!
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After sucking Allens cock I decided to sit on it for a while! Thanks for all the nice comments on our last contri.Good comments = more pictures!
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This is the first time that mi GF and my self went to a public place and take some shots. Hope you like it, and we are waiting for your comments.
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family nudist videos photos pics Grumpybear wasn't feeling so grumpy one night and decided to be extra nice. How could I refuse her? Now if she could only find herself a nice girl to come by and join in our fun, any takers?
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family nudist videos photos pics More photos as everyone requested! Thanx everyone for all the positive comments!! We have a ton of pix to post so here is a few more,,,Good comments keep them cumming!
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family nudist videos photos pics Thanks for all the comments on past contri's. Hope this answers some of the requests for more of a mature woman. Will move to RC next time.
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Caty and The Olympic Mountains snow has finally arrived on the Mountains that will entertain the XX Winter Olympic Games. Kisses to al
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family naturist videos photos picsWell here is a photo of my handful of fun or as my friend call them (the knockers) hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Ta Ta for now VW friends.
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There is a lot more to this shoot but it quickly turned into RC material. Look for more in the future or stop by the Playground and search for "Chickpea".
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family naturist videos photos picsHello. This is my favourite wear. Only nylon and shoes. Almost naked! Unfortunately I had to put some censorship. My pussy is too lippy. Hope you won't to offend. So, have fun!!!
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Here are a few photos for the ladies. Please leave respectable comments for more photos or personnaly leave opinions or any possible interest in photo exchange. Thanks,