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I want to thank everyone for voting and/or leaving a great and nice comment. I really enjoy posting here and will continue it..... Hope you liked my contris as much as I did posting them.
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This face-to-face position which allows you to look into each other's eyes. It also allows the partners to stimulate the breasts and makes for great kissing.
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Wow !!! Here are the group of winners at Nudes a Poppin July 2010 on stage. This was at the end of the event. You may recognize several contestants. Used a Canon 7D.
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First time posting here, but we love to look at all the sexy people that share the pics and thought it was about time that we did too.
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Have not posted in Private Shots for a while so I thought I would post a set... Thanks to all of you and your wonderful comments!!!!!!!
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Hello crew!! Hope this outfit pleases everyone. I had these pics taken the other day expose sexy for my boyfriend. Love and kisses,
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Scandinavian Renee The Painter - Hi! We thought we would start a constructing firm of our own, but we are not sure if there are any clients out there... What do you think?
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Hi I am from New Zealand aged 37 and not had a blowjob since high school !! Sorry about the pic quality, scanned off polaroids. any comments would be welcome PDPMEM cheers
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family naturists public picsEros Asian Fest - 4 - Sangeetha - This part 4, the big ass sangeetha loved anal fuck and her ass use to bounce like no-other.. Love to fuck this slut from coorg..
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A friend who posed for and wanted pics taken iof her for her use and the use of the photographer. I was happy to oblige her. :)
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Fun Evening - I love flashes now... You guys are awesome... so many great comments make me want to post more and more... I need suggestions though... or a photographer that can keep up... Thanks all...
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Thanks for all your comments.These shots come from the same day that the other contri. Be nice to her and maybe I will be able to make her show you more...