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I really enjoy masturbation and using my favorite toy on myself. I just love the way it feels. I love to share this experience with another female. Girls we could play for hours!! Hmm fun!
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Thanks for all the comments. As promised here are more detailed contributions. It was a very hot day so I had to don my sombrero among other things!!
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Mmmmm part 3, taken after I had some pics taken for a VW conri. Thanks for all the great comments on my last two contris here, they are very encouraging! One more part to 'finish' it off ;) JaneB
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Hello ... the first contribution of my girlfriend .... I wait they like it and certainly an enormous greeting and thank you in advance for his comments....
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Hello, She is the 30 year old love of my life. I think she is pure-evil, she has a soft sweet side and a dark rough leather side. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do, more to come in the future.
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Fran loves showing her body and how she uses her vib on herself to men. Don't you love the first drop of cum dribbling out of her cunt!
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The first of this set is on Private Shots. You lucky Reclouders get to see parts II (here) and III (coming next). Many asked to see more of me...I'm happy to show you and I hope you like.
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Hi this is just a few random pics for your enjoyment. She is asexy mother of 3, 37 yo. Still makes me crazy. We are new to posting and hope you like the pics. We love sexy comments and E-Mails.
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2nd Contri - First of all, thank you for your very kind comments. Some of you asked for more. Here you are. May I shave my cunt as requested by some or should I stay all natural ?
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Hello, Im a real Cowboy in Texas. I love your site and figgured it was high time I submitted some pic's. Enjoy and let me know if you like. ps DSMEM, Thanks
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ok I confessed and shown her the last contri. She did not kill me. Infact she was flattered at the comments. Here is more photos with her permission. Please vote and leave comments.
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This is the next part of my pictures were taken during my holiday this summer. There was a beautiful pier and I wanted to show it and of course myself for you. ;-)