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A few pics of my wife while on vacation in the Carribean. She's a 40+ mother of 3 who think she's fat and out of shape. As you can see, she is not! Would love to hear what all of you think.
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Some pics of her before she gets those lips spread open and fucked. More to cum, so leave some comments for her to get her wet and spread open for ya....
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I didn't think my pictures would be posted.....logged on today and saw they were....OMG!!!! Thanks Cam for the sweet comments. I'll be more bold now.......Yikes!!!!!
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I finally have finally uploaded my photos, and thought I would share a few shots from Fantasy Fest. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.
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Of course by now he can tell what is going to happen. What is so amazing is that by the time I get it out, its hard and ready to go!
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A few shots of my wife of 32 years taken earlier this year in Mallorca. I think she is still looking good. She dosent know Ive sent these so if you recognise her keep quite
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Want To Fuck With Us? - We are couple in Hong Kong and wish to fuck with others and wish to fuck with woman with this big boobs. Anyone has the interest?
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free nude beach paparazzi photos I know that I am aged, but I like the pimento of life again. I am going to try to charm you, but this won't be easy when I see all pretty girls on this site.
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Here are more of my photos for your pleasure, I like your comments and vote for me, thank you very much for your great support, I appreciate it a lot, write me with your email to write.
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Hello everyone, these are my first pictures I've submitted, so I hope you like. Taking these pics got me so wet and excited, I wanted to share them with all of you. Hope you enjoy.
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free naked sand paparazzi photosThis is a Red version of some pictures we took on the way to the Colorado River. Sorry no tan yet, but I'm working on it. It's still early in the year.
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free naked strand paparazzi photosDear Redclouds, I figure that if I send my pics in and she likes them then maybe my wife will let me send in some of her. I am 38 and have been married for 14 years. PDPMEMA.