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I've just returned from vacation with my husband to south of France...!!! and I was feeling very sexy so i did my own photos.
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M* My Hot Man Out in The Sun My hot husband who loves taking pictures of me, but only this time I am taking pics of him. Tell me what you think ... hehehe... …. Thanx …. Hehehe …
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Hi there. I thought I'd try out my "race track" gear for you...and with my hair looking really different (it has been straightened). What to you think to the new look? Saucy xxx
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I think I am addicted to VW and all its sites. this is what happens when I look at all the hot women that post such hot pics. My first cont, for all the ladies out there,hope you enjoy.
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Drove north a little ways to a picturesque but deserted strand in Florida on an incredibly hot sunny day..tried to cool off but less clothes doesn't seem to help.
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Here comes a followup to mylast contib. Thanksalot for all the great comments :) If you leave your email in the comments I will personally thank you.
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A few days ago I found this superb site in web. After watching some real good pics I decide to do it myself! Please comment my pics (only ladys please) and tell me if you wish some more of them...
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For all the people who liked the first one and for all those, who didn't like it and didn't show any tolerance. Show us yours and I will tell you know what I think!
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free nudism picturesThanks for all your sweet (even pervy) comments, I love them! Some of you really know how to get a girl wet! Maybe you should teach my man a thing or two (wink)
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I was so eager to try my new gifts, I forgot about taking off my shoes...I hope these pictures are chaste enough for VW. To be continued on RC very soon.
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Thanks for all your comments on my last corti, I was pleased to find once again that most of you enjoyed my pics, those that didn't all I can say is I can't win them all.
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What Do U Think? Just wanted to know what you thought about my body and what you would do to it?? " Do not show my e-mail "