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No particular story-- we enjoy posting pictures of her. For the haters-- she won't be reading the comments, I'll be reading them to her.
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We had to get in on the Valentine fun this weekend, so here are just a few pics of Eva in one of my favorite red outfits. Hope you enjoy these...don't forget to vote!
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This was a day I was taking some photos to a friend in my house, my boyfriend was there with me. After some drinks, we started playing and our friend became the photographer, and we became his models!
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Quivers was such a good girl this year Santa..AKA Duffy, made sure she got all the toys she wanted. and ho ho ho did she like playing with them
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My wife at 40 years old. First time taking pictures. Have a look at the angel hair around her ass!!! please vote for her so we can get a new camera. A freind let me us his. Love your site!!
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I always look forward to going to bed especially if I had a long day at work. These pics are taken before my bedtime. Hope to hear from you. ~~~~
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full length nudist sex movies Hello, thought I would try putting my wife on here, once more, maybe you will enjoy these a little better, or maybe not. And Cam no white chair in these, he/he.
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She and he check into a hotel to get their rocks off. Various positions, e.g., reverse cowgirl, doggie, missionary, etc. His and her orgasms. Skip around... find what you like! :-)
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Don't u just luv older women that keep themselves. U cannot beat it. Sex life is better than ever even after 32years of being together. I wonder why???!!!
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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Ich mochte die Fotos von meiner Frau veroffentlichen. Unter dem Titel "im Wald". Vielen Dank.
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I live on the playa and had just got home. A neighbor was fixing a bar-b-que and had some friends over. One had a camera which I happily posed for :)
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We had a great time here are a few pics of that day we have many more this is our first time posting so please send nice comments leave your address if you want us to comunicate back to you.