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At home with nothing to do. So i decided to share my best friend with you all. He would like to meet new people as often as possible. He quite likes to show off, where would you like to see him?
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I met this fantastic guy who just so happens to be a photographer. He graciously volunteered to take some pics of me... He thinks he's lucky, I think I'm the lucky one...
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hi folks, once again thanks for the comments. this lot are a mix of local shots in public places, Im still working up the courage to be naked in front of innocent bystanders though.
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Instead of a "car" ornament, I thought we could use a different "vehicle!" At any rate, I think Cheryl looks pretty damn hot,... how about YOU?
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This was the first time I got completely naked in a public setting. Really nervous at first, but it was well worth it...don't you think so? LOL, Daisy.
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She is my friend's girlfriend,call her Mary.This is the frist time posting,but she didn't know.If has a good comment,I will send more. Pls don't post my e-mail.