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Here is what I got after a nice dinner - dessert. Hope you guys, can taste this sweet and tasty pie. She is not only good with her hands but also very accommodating. Enjoy!!!! P.S. pdmea
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My 39yr old Mrs. enjoyed all your comments from our last post so we thought we'd send in a little show of her getting all squeeky clean. Boy does she taste good fresh out of the shower *S*
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She has the sexiest legs and butt. Her looks and sex appeal not to mention her chemistry can compete with girls in their twenties and she has had four kids. She is amazing and wonderful.
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Hello everyone! We got some comments on the last contri to turn around....We are thinking that would defeat the purpose of the whole sexy rear thing..LOL....oh well, hope you like!
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A photo shot in the island of Paros, Greece. It was very hot as you can imagine and at the end of the session, we discovered that 4 people, hidden by the rocks, was looking to Tina.... :-)
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we started in the kitchen and her ass willing to take everything. If you like to sent some nice comments she will show more. Comments to share pics are as well wellcome??
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So I get this shirt for $5 at a local thrift store and take it home. Then have three visitors try it on. The first one kind of stretched it out...
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girl playa nudeI know Christmas has past but since I didn't get this outfit till Christmas eve thought I would share them a little late. I hope that these pics are enjoyed almost as much on here as they were at home.
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At the playa, she wears those mini shorts from ww. I am actually not certain she knows how much she is showing... oh well! haha
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Hello thanks for the very good comments. Her is Helga on the next part. Please all ashholse going next side for young ladies. Thank you !!
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Wifes First Time - First time post, let me know what you think? She would love for you to see more of her!! Good Comments means more pictures