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HI Kate Theres not a better way to spend a summer day then lying around the back yard soaking up the sun with your better half and your handy camcorder.these are pics for your private section.
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More shots of my mrs from previous 'sessions'. Next time she'll be spreading her legs and showing her goodies specifically with you guys in mind. If you'd like.
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PS: The final part I followed her to the showers where she put on a final show! I love these sand exhibitionist! More to cum!
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Thank you very much for your kind comments. Here's a few new ones of me. A couple of them for Tru Blu. I am off to get some new lingerie and stockings for my next contri.
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Rachel was jumping out of the car, and taking her clothes off, before I even had a chance to turn the engine off. So I grabbed my camera and quickly shot these photos.
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girls beach nude pussies These shots are from a couple nights spent in Vegas. It's our first contribution and we'd love to hear what you think. Thanks in advance for commenting!
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I like to have fun at our local naturist playa. I have a few good friends that keep me satisfied and hubby happy as he gets to watch then finish me off.
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A long time friend we haven't seen for a while, so we had to make up for lost time. Sal's a saucy hot vixen who likes her fun long hard & deep & often so everyone came back for seconds & thirds ;)
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girls sand naked pussiesLook...I met my wife 10 years ago at a small resort bar. Three weeks later we got married and I have to tell yah... LIFE IS GOOD!
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girls sand naked pussiesLook for "Sunkissed" in VW's Playground area. We've posted a few pics from many other mini-shoots over the past few years. I have so many more to post...good comments and votes will bring more out!
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Do You Want To Sleep With Me?? Part 2 - Hi, this is the second part...enjoy!!! Thanks for yours comments and votes to the first part!!! Kisses
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I've known this Sweet Young Thing since, and she has grown into a lovely 20 y/o who, for some reason, has a particular affection for o'l GOMER. Dam'n, there must be a God:)