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Another chance to getaway and another chance to photograph. She really got into the picture taking and the directions- perhaps this means sooner for the next shots.
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Our mission on this Sunday was to get to Moose Winooski to meet some of my fans that I met in the Forum. We made a few stops along the way...
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after receiving such great comments for our First Time Photos, we decided to show you "part two " of our collection. -- Best regards,
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Yep, this is me having waaaaay too much fun! And looking forward to MORE!!!! Have to say that this is a new experience for me....a little encouragement wouldn't hurt a bit!!! Enough said.
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Once the camera started snapping and she asked what I'd do with them, she said "OK, but no faces." It only got hotter from there.
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More Maya 51 - Many thanks for all the nice comments on 1st contri. In return: an offer with some "more revealing" pics? and an attempt to exeed a score...( x ) ( x )
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Here are some tame pics of my ex-GF. I wish I had something a bit more "interesting", but she took those when she moved out. Just a note to you guys, remember to hide the negatives :)
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I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed making them for you! Please leave a note for me telling me what you think.
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girls naked at beachI was out canoeing with my wife and no one was around so I took a skinny dip. Unfortunately I am single now so I am looking for women in the midwest.
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Well as you will see a day that started off as a drive to go get a bite to eat turned into a day of Carrie stripping off her clothing.
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Here she is being sexy and taking some photos before we fuck, she loves to read your comments so feel free to be as dirty as you want
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As promised here is the picture. You guys make me feel so good with your comments remember this is what a 60 year old pussy looks like. Thanks.