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Opium dreams of supercandid Nora! Want to make your life hotter?! I feel so sexually inventive today and I'm shows off for you...
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We have gotten wonderful comments from the last two conti's. With getting some good photo's of K's sexy rear we decided to enter that compitition. Hope you enjoy these!
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We were bored and decided to take a walk through the back yard. Let her know what you think. She is a mother of 2 and the love of my life.
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This is the first and probably the last time I will do this. I am a bit shy and embarrassed by the thought that you won't like me, hence the reason it is likely to be my last try. DX
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girls stripping beach my wife was very horny and wanted to share pics with you. nice comments only please.if you do'nt have anything nice to say, do'nt bother.
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Here are some random photo's of my wife of 18 years, after 2 kids. You be the judge. She likes girls, couples, and LOVES SEX. LIFE IS GOOD!
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Everyone was asking for some full body naked pics, so I thought that I would submit a post of me shows off for your pleasure. Enjoy.
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Little Contribution for the ladies in Dallas....Looking for good looking females bi curious for me and my Asian girlfriend!!!!!
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Sava's been flashing her boobs at me for some time, but her husband seems to be around at the most inconvienent moments. But, he was gone when she came over and here's her sweet boobs for all to see...
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It has been awhile since I have been here. I have had some requests for white bikini shot's. So we took some for fun, around the house last Sunday.
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Hello Kate and Crew... I find it very arousing to put on his colonge scented shirt and get alittle wild in the office.. Thanks to everyone for all the comments... Ms.O
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Red is definitely Jeannie's Color. Whether a red skirt, a red bra, a red coat or red panties. The best red though is the color between her legs - pink!!