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One of those nights after a party. Liss was drunk and horny and wanted to show her cunt an ass to the camera and the world. The day after she had to... well you'll see.
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Here are some other step of the evening, I would say that I and my man, we just enjoy! Kisses ....'' In some pictures there himself.
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We went out for drinks and met up with another beautiful woman. We we're just supposed to have drinks but... The pictures will tell the rest of the story much better than words...
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Mrs Engcpl loved the positive comments but was saddened by the negative insulting comments but I have managed to talk her into letting me post a few more.
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Left this picture on my husband's dresser where he'd find it! He found it and wanted to know who took it of me but I didn't tell him it was one of his friends but I know deep down he knew!
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girls wearing pink panties at beach pictures 2nd time my wife. She was horny after she read your comments. More comments will bring more photos. Already we have 150 in 2 nights after the 1st contri... Thanks for the comments.
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My fiancee likes to have a sip of our favorite beer before giving it to me and having a sip of me...Heine and a Hummer...Sounds like a good ad to me....
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Hey guys! Just wanted to share some of my fav pics. This is all new to me so be gentle with me. :) If I get some good responses I will work on some more pics. Enjoy!
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If you looked in the voyeur section then you saw the more tame pictures. Well, here are the rest. I gotta say, these aren't my favorites but I love the stair thing, makes me look taller, haha.
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Met Dolly through AFF as she was into oral sex as much as I was and enjoying having her pictures made while doing it. She enjoys sucking large balls.
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girls wearing pink panties at plage picturesThis is my beautiful girlfriend. This is our first time on this site and our first attempt at explicit photos. Please be kind and we will send more. We love comments and are open to suggestions.
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