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After dropping my daughter off at nursery school today I decided to pay my bf a little visit. He had the day off so I thought what better way to spend it then making love and taking steamy pics....
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Tenía que vencer el reto, es super excitante pensar que en cualquier momento algui n sale de una columna y te puede ver, y que mejor que este lugar tan extraordinario.
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There are plenty more pics of her that I will post when I have sorted them. She seemed to love the attention from other sand users
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WorkingWife had just got home from work and was sweet enough to allow me to take pictures while she undressed. Needless to say, my self-restraint didn't last long. I hope you enjoy them.
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Here are more pictures from our drive out in the cold (20 degrees) Good comments get more pictures. Also look out for our other series titled Trip to Florida. PDNPOEM
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We decided to have a little fun with our new digital camera the other night. Here are the results. If I must say so myself, I am one lucky man!!
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The Response to our first set was so positive that i had to send these. I took these pics of myself using the self timer and a little luck. Let me know what you guys think, should i keep posting?
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hi to everyone at v.w hope you are all well, thanks for all your comments for my last entry. glad you enjoyed it hope you all enjoy this one as much keep the comments coming love uk babe
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My husband got this one of me lying back enjoying some pussy licking from my bull. My nipple started to get hard as his tongue flicked across my clit. xoxo
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Katy Kourt gets wild in the rocks. There's more if you check back to her contribution on June 3 and June 5. Katy does well in the mountains.
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This is her first time posting here. We have taken a lot of pictures over the years and thought we would finally contribute. Hope you like her!
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Your comments in my last contri were so hot that I need desperately hear from you all. Tell me if you like me for a hot session...what you would do me?