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We've read lots of posts asking about the topless pools in Las Vegas and thought we'd post our experience to VW. The My Thong in public contest seemed like the perfect reason.
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Just bought a digital camera and thought I would try it out on my girlfriend while she was taking a shower. This is our first contribution. What do ya think?
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part 2 of lou in hotel bedroom. thank you to all for the encouraging comments to our earlier posting...to those less encouraging comments..hey live and let live....to everyone all the best for 2004
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She loves something shoved up her ass,whether its's one of her toys ,or my fingers,or my dick,doesn't matter as long as her ass is filled!!! Send some good comments please!!!
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Hello voyeur crew and fans! This one goes to all the brave women and men overseas. May you return home safely to your families and friends very soon.
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Those pics are the last but not least taken at this same sand. and the three last taken in the garden, backyard... if if you want to be Suzy's neighbourg!
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*ML Greatest Pair The greatest pair of lips I have ever felt or tasted. Vote for her. Make her feel good and we'll post more of all of her
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Arizona Desert 06 - Hi this is my first submission, I am a mother of three who finally got up the nerve to get naked in the desert....Hope you enjoy
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I so enjoy drinking chocolate milk. But, I think you might agree that I have found a more mature and SEXIER way of enjoying my chocolate milk.... I hope your having fun looking at my pictures!!!
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Been quite a while since we did a contri, so we figured it was time for some of our recent shots featuring the sexy ass..ets this lady has
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I obviously enjoy playing with my toys.My favorite fantasy is GG but I haven't tried it....yet. Anyone in North Jersey interested in teaching me the ropes while my partner watches? Let us know-Ciao
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After our first contribution, we decided to make a second post. This time we enjoyed taking the photo much more thinking the feedback we may receive this time.