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I really appreciated all of the very nice comments to this contri previously, and if you'd care to comment again, that would be great. XXXOOO
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Love the comments and having fun with the new ring. To anybody that wants to know, the peircing was no sweat for either of us ha ha, no really it's worth it.
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Hi Voyeurwebers (is that a word?) Testing the "new upload" system. Hope you enjoy the pics of me. I enjoy the comments you leave. Have fun XXOO Lolly
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Mein Schatz wollte mir ihren neuen Wicked Weasel Bikini vorfuhren und da konnte ich nicht wiederstehen und mußte drauf los knipsen!!!! Was meint ihr dazu???
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Soaking up the sun on a clear spring day.... Thanks to all my fans. Please tell me what you would like from me....... and leave a comment and your vote.
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Carrie Various Outdoor Shots - Here are some pics we loved that were taken during past photo shoots. We had a lot of fun during all of these shoots and here is why...... Enjoy!!!
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hairy fanny nudist Hi guys/gals, Cherrie with the last of this set from my honey Faith. Finding her pink is easy, finding her blue, on the other hand... Hugz, Cherrie.
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My man is to big for me, so i need someone to warm me up, take me out, you dont need to have such a big cock, i like it small and teasing ,-)
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Since I got the Lambo (No, its not a rental, Murcielago's are not "rentable"), it hasn't been hard to find girls to pose naked with it. This is just an assortment over the last few months.
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I put up some pictures about a year ago and had a blast reading the reviews. So, I figured I'd do it again! Plus, I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist :-)
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hairy fanny nudistWe decided to take a few pictures for those people who love redheads. We read all the comments and respond to the good ones. Hope you all enjoy these.
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the last outdoor pictures we'll be able to take for some time since we will be buried in snow any day now. Thank you for your comments. Part 2 is in RC. Mila J XXX