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I recieved such good comments the last time, I figured why not treat you guys and gals again! (and to whoever said they slept with me in high school, I find that very hard to believe)
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Thank you to everyone who has left kind comments in the past. A special hello to all of the talented RC PS artists and to the beautiful Asian Dyna, Asian myth, and Copy!
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This is my mature sexy and kinky wife she loves showing off her body I think she has an great ass.If you like these we have many more to post.
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These are additional shots taken at the parade. I didn't see much of the real parade, but certainly did enjoy this parade. If you haven't been to St. Louis Mardi Gras, you are missing a great party!
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Unfortunately too many law enforcement people were lurking around, so that we couldn't everything we wanted to. Of course we mentioned to take some pictures nevertheless.
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Ive been looking at your web site every day for a month or so, my wife decided to suprise me and at work and sent me a picture she took with our new quick cam. Here it is and hope you like it...
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Here's more pics from my stop at the local "watering hole" I plan on going back- fully naked, hopefully at a time when it's a lot more crowded !
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After the success of the previous post dedicated to the boobs ... here's the second ... bigger and bigger, no fashion no glitter no silicone JUST BOOBS!
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These were taken in the kitchen of the unit we share with another couple. We are looking for a couple with interests similar to ours, if anyone in the Melbourne area is interested...
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hairy naked playa videos norwayI was with a friend one lovely evening sipping wine and then I'm in a drunken created some crazy shots and enjoyed a lot of fun. I hope you laugh a lot as we are.
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Well, response to my recent postings (ps25-03-03 and fs 24-03-03) has been so nice that I felt compelled to send more. I hope you like these too, as they are some of my favourites. Bye for now, Saucy xx
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These are pictures of myself that my ex husband took of me before I cut my hair. If I get good comments I will send more. I hope you all enjoy them.