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Naked on a sand - OK it's night time but the flash on the camera could be seen for miles - giving short glimpses of some girl in stilettos on the playa draped over rocks taking all her clothes off!
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hello all....thanks so much for all the nice comments on my last post...hope you all enjoy this one more of the wild got to love that..let me know what you think... kisses
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Party girl and big time Texas longhorn. The wife loves to get naked at work and show her boobs ass and pussy. Will not wear panties. Loves her bud light.
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We took a short trip from San Antonio to Padre Island for a sand party and while taking pictures Tami decided to "spread 'em" legs and lips. Hope you enjoy I know I did.
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Wetook a lot of picture this evening, the office was empty except me and my wife and we had a lot of fun.... hard version is following...
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While in Vegas we decided to have some fun. This was her first time showing off for people to see. She is 31 years old and recent mother of 1. She enjoyed this alot and was very wet at the end.
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Hi ladies, just testing the waters. What pair of underwear looks best on me? Looking to trade photos with women. Finally, no i am not a homosexual. Be good! ;) Ben
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Hi, my new pics again. I again have penetrated into a female locker room. Take pleasure in review of female secrets. The interestingly many men would like to appear on my place?
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Sorry about the quality and lack of money shot (she swallowed!!) but hey, it's our first time. We'll get better!! Looking forward to all the comments esp from the ladies! Any Bi in Philly?
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Hi Sailor, Asher ! Thanks forthe previous comments, and thanks by all,who has sentso much messagesfor me !It isvery pleasant unexpectedness ! .
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We finally got out and took some new pics. We had a ball, and these are some of the absolute best we've taken. I hope you like them as much as we do! Kisses, Mel
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A bit of fun with the camera after a few glasses of wine. Thanks to everyone that left nice comments in the past. We love your comments so please keep them coming. Love, Heaven