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These were taken on our 5th anniversery. She is a house wife and mother of 4 and at age 24 doesn't really look like shes had that many. I hope you all enjoy the show
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and all turn-on by game and unable to keep her mouth away from my boys!!! Enjoy and don't forget to leave good comments as she will
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After the great response to my last contri I decided to send some pics my husband took awhile ago before I cut my hair. There is one recent pic that didn't make the last contri.
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Here's the first part of a great night of sex. We get so excited during these sessions that it's hard to stay focused on the pictures. Positive comments are always welcomed.
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Hi to you all! Tkanks for comments. Ciao a tutte le belle coppie esibizioniste, italiane e nn....cerchiamo coppie trasgressive e singoli con almeno 24 cm, di argomento.
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I put up some pictures about a year ago and had a blast reading the reviews. So, I figured I'd do it again! Plus, I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist :-)
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Final episode, finishing the dark stranger, having previously dispatched hubby (the medics shout, 'he's lost a lot of cum, lady!' - I don't know if he'll make it.).
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Jay And Dee Return Your great comments prompted our return. We're honorimng a few requests here. Any couples want to trade? We do!
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Someone wrote to me requesting to see some more explicit pictures than I normally post on VW, so here you go! Hope you like the closups!!!
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These are some misc. photos of a dancer (actually, stripper) I used to photograph many years ago. Always thought she had a great pair of boobs.
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Hi gang, Here are some pics of Lynette when she was MY girlfriend. I will also be sending in for the voyeur section and the redclouds section. I did NOT get these from playboy. :-) Enjoy
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Trip to Puerto Rico a month ago led to a short jaunt to the island of Culebra off the coast of PR....Snorkeling and Chillin' in a thong....