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Julie decided she would like to post "our" photos. We have done this just for us so need to comment. All were taken in the last three years and our joint age is ...114 years!
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The day started early in the morning and really I just didn't want to put any clothes on at all.....but seeing as it was cold I had to ......but only to get somewhere to take them off..
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On a recent trip to the City of Atlanta, we discovered that the view from our hotel room was breathtaking. To make it even more spectacular, I decided to put Monica in front of it!
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Just a fun ending to a fun night..I hope you like it...I know I sure did...Please let me know if you liked it and more will follow.
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Well here is more of Millie in her naked in public adventures that she does so well. We like to look at the comments so keep em cuming so to speak.
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De nuevo les mando algunas fotos espero sus comentarios, soy del norte de la Republica Mexicana, 41 años de edad, ojala les gusten. BESOS A TODOS
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They may be tiny, but they are snesitive and easy to switch on. Pictures were taken at a mountain marina on a bitter cold January night.
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These are just a few photos from St. Louis 2002 the second largest Mardi Gras party in the country. It happens again this Saturday, 1, March 2003
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Indy 500 pictures, These Girls were only 50 feet from the bathrooms but choose to change into there shorts right in front of everyone
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My wife and I love this site so we decided to try. This is my wife's first time ever shows off in naked pictures. We would like to know what you think.