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We went out for dinner, and the wife was naked in public for the first time. It turned her on, and i have feeling that it i'snt the last time you've seen her here.
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These were taken at the same time as my "Thank God for nerds" contri, and is just a collection of random playa pics from where I live.
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Hello, it's the husband of Tiny Thai with you here. Just thought I'd share a few pix of this lovely thong butt that I saw on Ko Larn in Thailand last August.
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GF likes to play with dildos, anyone that has cock size equal or better than her dildos. she will definietly like to try it or any bi-lady that will play with her,,,,,, leave your email address.
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After my post last month, I was absolutely shocked and flattered by all the wonderful comments. I honestly didnt expect any at all, and I got totally flustered reading them!
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Nic In The Garden - Summer is almost upon us, time for the WW so Nic got it on and went into the garden. Needless to say it came off. Enjoy the pics. Minge
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Two of them came and see me, saying: " We hope you are not filming us...?" I answered: Of course not !!" They were VERY agressive.. So I decided to punish them and publish these Pix for you guys.
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Victoria in the woood : the soft set. It was during a hot spring day in one of the most beautiful forest in the world. Ravens and rabbits were happy !!!
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model beachHello everyone! it's Helen here - I've been out of commission for a couple of weeks thanks to a very nasty flu virus, but I'm back and fighting fit now!
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She loves to feel pretty and sexy, and I want her slutty. So this contri aims at the pretty side of things, and the RC ones will aim at the slutty.
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My wife of 15 years loves to stick strange stuff up her cunt. These made a change from the usual fruit and vegtables and her manydildos.
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model beachInna's Bathtime As you can tell Inna loves to relax in the bath, that's where I got her with my camera and we both decided to show everyone our pictures We hope you like them