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People have been commenting about the boob job. We had long discussions on the matter and I was against them. The clincher was when my wife explained it..
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Las mujeres españolas sabemos muy bi n como cuidar a nuestros hombres. Por San Valentín le regal un poquito de alegria. Besos a todos los hispanos.
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Hi This is just a short movie clip of my wife and I enjoying our Sex Swing. We are both OAPs but still get as much out of our enjoyment of sex as ever. Enjoy Skip.
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I gave the mini DV Cam to Lani and she enjoyed shooting me for a change. I sent the hotter ones to Redclouds. The commentary on the movie is awesome. Thanks for comments, Ladies.
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Eliza and I rented a hotel room with a hot tub and I took the chance to take some new pics of her. In the later set I tie her up and fuck her nice round ass.
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Hi, this is my first contribution. Just a few self-taken pics. I have quite a few self-taken pics and I might post more depending on the reaction to these.
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Well, here we are again. This is the wife's second time posting. We got such a thrill from it last time, how could you not post again!
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mom and son naked at the beach Ok guys you asked for more, and were so nice with your comments ,ive decided to do it 1 more time. It would be nice if i could get you "boys" to vote for me. Alot of votes may mean another set. Enjoy
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A couple of years ago on a sunny Saturday afternoon I dared I.R. to join me naked in the backyard to enjoy a glass of wine. Neighbours were walking in and out their houses and appreciated the view.
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this is a world debut of me and my botty, so please, be gentle with comments... but don't hesitate to vote if you like me and I send and show some more... XXX Eve
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mom and son naked at the beachYes, I know, for all you hardcore VWebber's, Its been a while. I'm back to keep you going during the winter months. I hope you enjoy the set. Heather
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These are some pics of my x from 2 years ago that I found on my computer. She thought I had already trashed them. Hehehe. There are more if you like.