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Kel wasn't happy with my last choice, although she was thankful for the nice comments. So she made this shorter clip just for you guys. (perhaps a little for me)
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I just love a good tongue lashing and Dusty does such a good job! He licks it just right to give me a couple "O"s and then a G spot massage and Im ready for a good pounding!
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When we left dinner, we headed to play some pool and do a little show on the pool table. One of these days, I want to get fucked on a pool table in the bar. That will be one for RC!
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My husband came home and cought me playing with myself he was pretty happy to see me I told him come on over here its your turn for me to play with
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Hi everyone. Its been a little while since I made a contribution. Heres some of my in my favorite color lingerie. I hope you like them.
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My Wife Loves to Dress Sexy for me and let take pics of her in different positions. Tell me whatyou people out there think is my wife's ass sweet ?
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There's nothing sexier than being naked under the sun by the surf. It's the most erotic experience! I hope you enjoy the photos that captured this beautiful, perfect day.
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Title : In for a Penny Story : My wifes first time, she's a little shy, but there are another 20 of this set. Essex girls watch out
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Night gets hotter...In Part 4 she teased me with her panties...playing with them, tugging and stretching them, smelling them, licking them, then she does this - I almost exploded.
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Talk about a live wire, this 39 year old bombshell from Calif. is it. She is a wife and mother of 2 and can't wait to see herself on VW. If comments are good, there are plenty more pics to come.
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Let me introduce myself........ I am MsKswa72 and we are so excited to have found you. MrKswa72 enjoys taking photos of me and enjoys it even more when he can show them off.
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