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Here are some pics of my 30 year old wife. It has been over a year but we are back in full force. We would love to hear your comments especially the more colorful ones.
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*Jo Head Shots 2 - I just love giving my man head...never had a facial before but he wanted to do it and I am always willing to do what he wants.
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Not the thinnest but she has an amazing pussy. Seems to get tighter the older she gets. All of these are from the last year or so.
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Hello, since for demand more photos are, I become Euern hunger satisfying (I hope it at least)! Kind regards from North-Rhine/Westphalia
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naturist nude russian Thanks for the nice comments on my "some pussy" set. It still seems to be the most popular part of my anatomy - I wonder why? Therefore, let's have another set...
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Sent a few sometime back. Guess they didn't reach you. Here's some of my lady lounging in black nylons. I know they may not be your favorite but they mooove me. Thanks
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I hear Lollies are nice to eat :) Well this is my first lot of photos and here Lollies Unwraps herself. Hope you all enjoy these very amateur shots.
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was run in red clouds, so thought would run in vw to give non members a look as well, let know what u think and if you want part 2
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Hi Terri here i got my new digital cam and we are having so much fun with it.... if response is good there will be more to come...............
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Une S?Rie De Ma Femme Chris - ne s?rie de ma femme Chris La 1792 prouve bien qu'elle avait oubli? de mettre un string pour aller au restaurant...
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This is the 2nd set of photos. You would never guess she is 40 with 4 kids. She just doesn't get why people are turned on by her.
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Just some shots of OH Wife passing the time overlooking the street in front of our house. She tries to reply to as many comments as she can, so leave messages!! Also check out her Aug. 12 PS contri.