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Hello, everyone. Thank you for your nice comments for the last EIP contri. To respond to some of requests, today's theme is rope work. I hope you like them.
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The wife and I spent a romantic weekend at a B&B last spring for my birthday and decided to shoot some photos. It was such a lovely B&B....too good an opportunity to pass up taking photos.
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We have a huge canoe that is really heavy and quite stable. So I felt safe enough to stand up and strike these poses. I almost fell in the water a few times though... it would have been quite funny.
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A lot of you requested more pictures specifically focused on my cunt... some wanted to see large objects in it.... some loved the creampie and wanted to see more. So, here we go...
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Working this weekend, each time I came home she had a different pose for me. Looking for tips on photography for darker skinned women.
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A friend and I started talking, the new camera was discussed, some photos were snapped... and right when we got to the good part, we were rudely interrupted. Oh my!
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Hi friend! large thanks to for your nice comas. Sandy and I find it very nice to read! If Sandy like on sex ,it reads the commentaries and making solo-sex with her toys. That very hot to see!
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Here is a few pics of my wife who is 35 ad 36DD on top, It took a lot on convincing to get her to do it, but if your comments are good she has promised to do some more.
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naked playa grannyHi I`m Sacha and I like it when you show this pictures of me my friend take them in a greenhouse with a great new rose "purple cezanne" let me hear if you like it ?? xxx
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This is my 26 year old sexy girlfriend and these are just a few photos of our private photo album.I hope you like her. I expect you enjoy these pics as much as we did taking them. More soon...!
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Becky graduated recently. We love your comments on the BB, they are really appreciated and are why we do this, so keep 'em coming. Thanks Iggy
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Please find my wife's photos. She is very shy but appreciates good comments. I love her nipples and think most everyone else will too. Please let her know.