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I started to put more weight and I just started to hit my ass with treadmills and slight work out and felt the difference. send your comments about me or contact me at
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*Jo Sexy Glasses I Samantha...love showing how sexy and erotic wearing glasses can be!!!love to hear your comments on our pics! Samantha xxx
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Long overdue afternoon romp with a fun friend. To celebrate our rendezvous he brought me a new toy and even surprised me with a pearl necklace!
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This is my neighbor Jacky, from RI. She gets bored sometimes when her husband is working and she comes over to play. She thinks that she is not that hot, but I definately disagree. How about you?
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nude beach hardon Thanks for all the nice comments in my last contri unter tittle Desperate wife. Here you have a new pics from 2009. I hope you enjoy with them....
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While waiting for my lover to come home to get his birthday present, I decided to do a little "spring cleaning." It turned into lounging, but I really doubt he'll mind.
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naked strand hardonAfter a very busy week unusually we hadn't seen a lot of each other so after a quick scan through the last lot of comments and uploading some more pictures things just came to a head!
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Just another day...was bored and wanted to do something different. Played with some of the settings on my camera, which turned out pretty good...just wanted to share.
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Due to overwhelming response, some more fotos. More uncoverings are being taken now for future posting. The store in the background is a future target. .
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naked plage hardonGetting her to shave was a battle... and then to be photographed was something else. Luckily she then went on to more which I'll post to RedClouds :-)