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grazie a tutti i bei commenti che addiamo ricevuto, molti mi chiedevano di vedere altro e abbiamo deciso di accententarvi...un bacio ciao
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Just a few shots of my wife getting her boobs out. Had to obscure face or she wouldn't go for it. Many more if comments favourable.
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she had grown a bit bolder, and if the comment and vote keep going i think that she will continue to grow more and more bolder (or wetter...) or both...^^
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You all know we love groupsex and the harder the better and in the end we received our great reward.....loads of fresh warm cum again hihi...
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becky let me take some wet t-shirt pics before bath as you can see, it got her all hot and bothered. These were shots that were to hot for private shots
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Sunny 2 Many requested more pregnant pictures of Sunny. Here is the rest of them. The first ones are when she was about 4 months. Then 9 months. The last ones are about 10 days after the baby came.
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A couple of drinks, a little smoke, and fun with a digi cam. First time poster so comments welcome. More to come if comments are nice.
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These are a few shots from a weekend on Galveston Island last year. What good is a balcony if you don't use it to satisfy your exhibitist desires?
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*Sh Karin'S Shoes On The Playa - Karin back on the playa for spring. The boaters sure didn't mind seeing her naked on the playa. I hope you enjoy the pics!
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Hello everyone, here new pics of my wife charlotte. if the respons is good there will follow more! we do have a lot! any suggestions??
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naked strand russianJust a little something for you to think about on this Holiday while we give thanks for this great country we live in! Enjoy your holiday!
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naked plage russian*Be Redheat Wig - Hi Kate and Everyone out there I am making my second contribution this month this time to take you all to bed - Please come and join me