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It's cold and frosty here now that it's winter so not a lot of inspiration for naked photo shoots. Here is a set we took last summer, a bit of fun with lingerie in the pool. I hope you like them.
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Naked Wife - these are just some pics we took around the house last weekend we havent had time the last couple of months to take any
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After reading the comments on my Lions fan post, We decided to send in the last set. They show a little more like some of you wanted. Please enjoy and vote with nice comments. Thanks Drew
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I got a new image editor and was trying it out. I took the pics of her, and the backgrounds are stock photos that came with the program.
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We went out to shoot some "in nature" shots, and got caught in a rain storm-- so while we were waiting in out in someone's barn, we got a few other shots.
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I am married Mediterranean wife. These pictures were taken by my husband at different locations/times in the city. We both like outdoor public exhibition and I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.
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Here are some pics we took during our honeymoon, in our hotel room. The room had a 16ft pool, a 2 person steamroom, and a whirlpool! We can't wait to go back there!
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hi there, just had an urge one night to take some pics and these are what I got. hope you like them, maybe I`ll do it again sometime
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sorry to dissapoint anyone that thinks my wife has two husbands but it should be mother of two. We got alot of good comments so we thought we would do it again. ENJOY
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naked strand voyeourBill And Monica (Victoria - Victoria decided to be Monica for Halloween so here she is doing the Monica on her friend Bill . Notice the blue dress, the stain and the cigar.
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Here's the Blue Ridge Parkway Girl gettin hers. Looking for Heavy Blasters, you know like Peter North, so we can submit a contri that The RC regulars will never forget.
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naked strand voyeourHey ladies, here's some hot pictures of my hustler. What you think? Damn i'm lucky huh? Thought it was only fair that he post some too. Would really love to hear from other couples