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We hope everyone enjoys viewing these as much as we did making them! Please call them "Swan Song". I tried sending these to the private section, but haven't seen them there, yet.
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Leave feedback. Married w/ f/ looking to maybe have a few playdates while hubby watches :-). Let us know what you want to see! We will post more!
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Hello just thought I would post some pics of me. I look at this site everyday.. Keep up the good work!!! Would love to trade pics with other females!!
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HI there people, Thanks for all the comments that we had for our singapore series.....We haveanother set of ten. And lastly please blur Amy's face. Thanks
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nude beaches argentinian I learned about bondage not too long ago and I find it erotic... especially when you are doing it with someone you like. I thought I would share the photos with you.
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thanks for the great comments. she's still teaching me to take pics. these are from the same day. i'm doing some "art" stuff now. we'll see how it turns out. thanks again for the great site...
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nude beaches argentinian we are looking for couples too trade pics with us.we are a mature couple...submit your email and we will respond back and hopefully we can trade some pics...maybe even some vids too...wink
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nude beaches argentinian Bella - Take A Bite - "Take a bite", Eve said to Adam. Well I am not Eve, but like her I want to entice you into my garden and convince you to take a bite from my apple. Do you dare?
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This is my second visit. The wife left some of her things around so I thougt I would give them a try. You never know what might happen.
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These are the last ones from my new car, did you like them in the end ? Was it worth the wait ? Leave me a message as i love to read your comments, do you want to see more in redclouds ?
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naked beaches argentinianYour encouraging comments really get her excited, and I find her excitement intoxicating. Thanks!! Sorry for the blur, she's still a little hesitant about posting.
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I'm an exhibitionist. My wife is very conservative. I've been working on her for some time and finally have gotten her to the point where she is letting me post photos of her on the net.